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                                                                                                                                                                            May 2012

Hey Ya'll...

Well it's National BBQ Month again and I'll have a good report on my upcoming trip to Rome, GA for a KCBS event and then straight on to Memphis in May to cook some ribs and see if those MIM judges like my stuff.

But for now, I have a good recipe for you that Danny Coogle and I tried out just a couple of days ago... smoked fish. It's real easy... just get some fish filets or whole fish, cleaned and scaled. Sprinkle on your favorite rub - we used
Rocky Mountain Products Southwest rub. Then just set your smoker on 160 and smoke for 4 hours. This is assuming your fish is about one inch thick. Smaller filets only take about 3 hours. If you have a pellet smoker like me, you may have to set it at a higher temperature as pellet smokers don't like really low temperatures. No problem though... if you have to set it at 180 deg, just smoke them for 3 hours instead of 4.

We smoked some salmon filets that were a little thicker and took 1 hour longer (4 hours), some black sea bass (3 hours) , and some sheepshead (3 hours). I was surprised at how moist the meat was with a delicious cherry wood smoke flavor. Give it a try... I'm sure you will love it!

Oh, by the way, I gave my website, a new makeover. Be sure to drop in and check it out!

Here's a short video of the Kings Mountain, NC BBQ contest. It is not long, but you'll see the contest area from an overlooking hill. We had great weather all weekend especially compared to the torrential rain and tornados we had last year. You'll also see my new BBQ trailer and truck, another Moore's Marinade team - the Smokehouse Mafia, and also the new Stump Monster which can burn a whole log in it's gravity fed chute...

By the way, we've been holding our own in recent contests with 6th overall in Barnesville, GA and 2nd place in chicken. Kings Mountain, we were 13th overall...


Bill Anderson

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The Rocky Mountain Products Southwest rub is what we are using this year. Many teams have already won a Grand with it. It's the best "all around" rub I have ever tried. Especially good on brisket. I hear it's even good on scrambled eggs!...

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