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I think this information is so valuable, that I can't just give it away for free! It's gonna cost you a whopping $7 bucks to access this valuable little secret that may just help you win your next barbecue competition or make you "king of your neighborhood". Rubbery chicken skin is a big problem on the competition barbecue circuit. A lot of teams struggle with it, remove the skin, or just don't worry about it, or they resort to grilling or roasting their chicken instead of barbecuing it low and slow. Well... this is why most teams do not score high with chicken. I have given away a lot of free information in my various web sites and blog, but this information is worth every penny of $7 and then some.

Here's what you will learn...

  • Just rub this "secret" sauce on your chicken before smoking and it will fix your rubbery chicken skin problem for good. No more grilling over high heat after smoking to "crisp" the skin.
  • Do this during smoking to improve your barbecued chicken skin even more!
  • This technique is "true" low and slow smoked chicken - not grilled or roasted or baked or rotisserie. And... I explain the difference between barbecued chicken and the other methods so there will be no confusion. Hint... most people DO NOT cook true "barbecued" chicken!

rubbery chicken skin

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Rubbery Chicken Skin