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                                                                                                                                                                            June 2012

BBQ Friend:

Here's the BBQ Sauce recipe I've been using this year in BBQ contests. I wanted something unique because I think the judges are getting tired of the same old thing every weekend. I also wanted to keep the basic theme that the judges "seem" to like... sweet, tangy, with a little kick.

Bill's Homemade Competition BBQ Sauce

Directions: mix all ingredients and simmer on low for 1 hour. After about 45 minutes, add in the cornstarch mixture while stirring. Depending on how you like it, run it through a food mill to remove pepper skins and other solids. You can also use a "boat motor" hand mixer to chop up some of the ingredients before running it through the food mill. You can also use a colander or coarse strainer. Or not strain it at all.

Yield: About a gallon give or take a little.

Here's the video of the 2012 Banjo-B-Que BBQ contest in Evans, GA...


Remember... all my videos are archived at BBQ Videos.

Bill Anderson

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The Rocky Mountain Products Southwest rub is what we are using this year. Many teams have already won a Grand with it. It's the best "all around" rub I have ever tried. Especially good on brisket. I hear it's even good on scrambled eggs!...

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