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                                                                                                                                           February 2013

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     Well... this time of the year, Daytona Speedweeks, is when a lot of us rednecks down south really crank up the BBQ smokers and start barbecuing and practicing for another competition BBQ season. We've already had the Sprint Unlimited race last Saturday night. Thursday is the Budweiser duels, and the Daytona 500 is on Sunday. Not to mention the exciting truck race on Friday and the Nationwide boys (and girls) on Saturday. Don't know about you, but I'm gonna be watching a lot of racing this week. So... during the commercials, I'll be checking the smoker! But I can do that from my La-z-boy with my long range Maverick ET-732 .

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     Speaking of BBQing... I got the Chatham Artillery BBQ Southwest rub back in stock. The last batch was not formulated correctly, so I had to put the sales on hold for a couple of weeks. And this weekend only I'm having a rare free shipping special! **If you order some Southwest rub, all I ask is that you order at least 2 shakers as I lose money by shipping just one in a box (the shipping is more than the profit). The free shipping to US addresses offer is good till Monday Feb 25th at noon EST only. Click here to go to our BBQ Store!

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     One of my favorite sandwiches of all time is the brisket slider. It's easy to make and a good way to get rid of all that leftover competition brisket. If you don't have the book or video yet, you can just download our free BBQ Pocket Guide to learn how to cook a brisket. Be sure to collect the au jus from the pan during the foiling stage. Use an oil separator to skim off the grease and what you have left is pure liquid deliciousness!

     Buy some quality buns, dip the tops quickly in the au jus, slap on some sliced brisket and you'll have some of the best sandwiches you'll ever put in your mouth. Great for race parties. I like the brisket sliders simple and plain, but you can add whatever condiments you like including...

Hogdogs are a good sandwich too... just hogdog pulled pork sandwichput your pulled pork with BBQ sauce on a hotdog bun and you're ready to go. Kids love them. Add cheese or coleslaw too if you like!

Remember... I'm here to help you with your BBQ, so just email me with any questions if your BBQ doesn't turn out exactly like you thought it would. I can usually tell what you did wrong just by the description of what your meat was like (tough, dry, mushy, too much bark, etc)

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Chatham Artillery BBQ Team

     Remember... to watch exactly how we cooked and won 8 Grand Championships in the last two years, go to

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Also... Competition BBQ Secrets is available in our BBQ Store along with some great BBQ essentials... remote pager thermometers, cookbooks, rubs, etc. Just click on the link below to go to our store...

The Rocky Mountain Products Southwest rub is what we are using this year. Many teams have already won a Grand with it. It's the best "all around" rub I have ever tried. Especially good on brisket. I hear it's even good on scrambled eggs!...

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