Smoked boneless rib roast...

                                                                                                                                                November 2013

BBQ Friend:

     Sometimes, pitmasters and cooks make things too difficult for the backyard chef to follow. Boneless rib roast recipes are no exception. Recipes online include 500 deg ovens for searing and then turning your oven off after so many minutes, slow smoking and then searing over a hot fire, pan searing techniques, and all kinds of other crazy techniques and temperatures.

How about a simple recipe with just a little trimming, trussing and smoking?...

Here's how to create a centerpiece dish that you would be proud to serve as the main entre for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Easter...boneless rib roast uncooked

There you have it... a fairly simple, quick, delicious, and inexpensive roast for your Holiday dinner table.

smoked boneless rib roast

Here's the video of the 2013 Sam's Club National BBQ Tour Finals in Bentonville, AR...


Bill Anderson

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The new Chatham Artillery BBQ Southwest rub is what we are using this year. It's the best "all around" rub I have ever tried. Especially good on brisket....

bbq thermometer
foods of the southland
brisket rub

And more!...

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