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                                                                                                                                                July 2012

BBQ Friend:

     I know! I know! I already told you how to cook the best steak of your life... the Finney Method in the March 2012 BBQ Newsletter. But, would you believe I can do better for you? The Finney Method or Reverse Sear method is great if you want to turn a semi-tough cut of meat into prime beef, but what if you start out with a very tender cut of beef? You could still use the Finney Method, but you could also just marinate it and quickly grill it and it will still turn out nice and tender. Just watch the video to see how to buy and cook filet mignon on the cheap...


Bill Anderson

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The Rocky Mountain Products Southwest rub is what we are using this year. Many teams have already won a Grand with it. It's the best "all around" rub I have ever tried. Especially good on brisket. I hear it's even good on scrambled eggs!...

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And more!...

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