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                                                                                                                                  June 2009

Hello BBQ Friend:

     For the past few months, I've been reluctant to show everybody our barbecue turn in boxes that we have been using recently. One reason is I did not want other competitors to just copy it. And the other reason is that barbecue judges look for unique and original entries - they get tired of seeing the same old thing week after week. But, what the heck, I decided to give in and show our turn in boxes. After all, our book is entitled "Competition BBQ Secrets"... so I think I should expose a secret every now and then. If you are a barbecue competitor, do yourself a favor and use these pictures of turn in boxes only as a guide. Get creative and come up with your own ideas and give the judges a special barbecue turn in box that will make them say "WOW"!barbecue awards

Recent BBQ awards include...

FBA - Grand Champion - Hasan Shrine BBQ Cookoff - Albany, GA - Mar 21, 2009
2nd place chicken  - 1st place pork  - 2nd place brisket

FBA - Barnesville BBQ & Blues Festival, Barnesville, GA - Apr 24, 2009
5th Place Overall  - 9th place chicken  - 2nd place brisket

KCBS - Boss Hog Cookoff - Waynesboro, GA - May 9, 2009
9th place overall  - 6th place chicken  -  2nd place pork

KCBS - Horsin' Around BBQ Showdown - Young Harris, GA Brasstown Valley - May 23, 2009
5th place overall  - 5th place pork  - 2nd place brisket

KCBS - Grand Champion - Blue Ridge BBQ & Music Festival - Tryon, NC - June 12, 2009
1st place ribs - 5th place chicken - 11th place pork - 7th place brisket

KCBS - Grand Champion - Festival of Discovery - Greenwood, SC - July 10, 2009
14th place chicken - 6th place ribs - 7th place pork - 2nd place brisket

     Just looking over these awards, I see we pretty much have brisket nailed down. We actually cooked our best brisket ever in Waynesboro, GA. We were jumping up and down it was so tender and flavorful. Thought we had a first place for sure... the judging table we got on didn't think so though. We came in 22nd that weekend. Ironically, we thought our Brasstown Valley brisket was terrible. We took it off early and it was underdone. We dredged the slices through a little sauce to sweeten them up a bit and we took 2nd - go figure! I wish the judging was a little bit more consistent. Although, I can't think of anything off the top of my head that they can do to improve judging except train them better as to what good barbecue is. Our pork has been doing well. Our chicken has been about average and our ribs is our worst category. Ribs has always been our specialty, so I am confident we can bring those scores up in future contests. Same thing with chicken. If we get our scores up in chicken and ribs, we'll start winning some contests for sure!

Chicken turn in box...

chicken turn in box

Ribs turn in box...

ribs turn in box

Pork turn in box...

pork turn in box

Brisket turn in box...

brisket turn in box


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